Action Pursuant to the Constitution of Cheon Il Guk

Note: This filing has been filed for a second time. Access the August 29, 2017 document and filing here [URL: to view].

By permission of Jamal Johnson, a citizen of Cheon Il Guk, the following formal action and complaint that has been presented and filed by Jamal Johnson, is posted and presented on this web page for other citizens to read.

This document was filed by Jamal Johnson by email by sending the below PDF document (Action_Pursuant_to_the_Constitution_of_CIG_by_Jamal_Johnson_July_19_2017.pdf) to G. Noll, Administrator, World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, Inc., at 2:50 am Eastern Standard Time on July 20, 2017 (or at 11:50 pm on July 19, 2017, Pacific Standard Time). The email was sent CC: J. Borer and M. Ando.

Click here to download this PDF file "Action_Pursuant_to_the_Constitution_of_CIG_by_Jamal_Johnson_July_19_2017.pdf" (12.4 MB file).

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. Click here to download the PDF file "Action_Pursuant_to_the_Constitution_of_CIG_by_Jamal_Johnson_July_19_2017.pdf."